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Packing Up A House

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We at Flexi Removals receive a number of questions about tips on packing up a house before a big move in Preston & Blackburn.  So here are some tips to make the move easier and less stressful.

Organization is key – It is unlikely once you have moved house that you will be able to unpack everything in a single day. So organize your more important items into boxes, and label them up with a contents list or a simpler method is to simply star the essential boxes. That way when you decide you need a cup of tea after everything is inside, you know exactly where the kettle is!

Labeling boxes – When moving a full house that has been packed into numerous boxes, things can become more complicated than you may initially think. When moving boxes into your new house, it is handy to know which room the contents of each box belongs to without opening up each box to find out what is inside! Labeling up each box with a simple contents list and room it belongs in will save a lot of time and energy in the later stages of the move.

Pack according to weight – This one might seem obviously but it is definitely worth mentioning. Pack heavier items together and stack them at the bottom, with the lighter boxes and items on top.

Protecting fragile items – Take the extra time needed to protect your more delicate items. Use towels or bed sheets to help protect mirrors, dishes etc. We recommend wrapping plates and dishes separately and also stacking plates on their side vertically rather than on top of each other to save that bottom plate from breaking.

Does all this sound like too much effort or you simply don’t have the time, a lot of movers will offer to do the task for you, such as the packing service offered by Flexi Removals Preston.

Packing up a house Preston & Blackburn