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Looking to Store?


Looking to Store?

There are many different types of storage and finding the right facility isn’t always easy. So we’ve put together some key aspects to think about and a few tips and tricks to help you along the way!

What kind of items are you storing? – The type of items you want to put into storage will determine the type of storage you’re going to need. For example putting items such as sofas and mattresses into an outdoor metal container is not a good idea. Metal containers are susceptible to condensation which means your items are more likely to get wet. So unless you’re going to regularly air out your rented container you’re much better off with an indoor room.

Metal containers are good for items such as tools or vehicles because they’re easy to access and very hard for a criminal to break into. They can usually be driven up to, this makes it easy to load in and out.

How long do you need to store your items? – A trick that some storage facilities will use is they will offer cheap storage for the first month and then up the price dramatically. Whereas some will give you a price that will never change no matter how long you store with them. It goes without saying that if you’re planning on storing for more than a couple of months it would usually be more beneficial to store with the facility whose price will not increase.

Do you need access to your items? – There are facilities that offer access to your items as much as you want, 24/7. Other facilities are more limited. If you do not need access however, there are storage facilities that put your items into wooden crates and stack them up with other people items using a forklift. This type of storage is usually done by a removal company. They transport your items, store it and then transport them back out after the agreed time.  If you do choose this method of storage, it is worth noting that they may make it very expensive for another outside removal company to retrieve your items meaning you have to use them. If you need something that is in storage, it can be very expensive to get access to that particular item. Always check the costs before letting them store your items.

Security – Security of a storage facility is something you should ask about. We would always recommend a facility with CCTV and an alarm. There are also some facilities that individually alarm each room as an extra precaution. When inquiring about storage it’s always a good idea to ask the member of staff about the security of building and ask if its monitored regularly. Most storage sites should be monitored 24/7.

Ask Questions – Ask questions. Make sure the member of staff knows the information provided in this blog. It should not take much prompting for them to tell you the information provided here. They should be able to advise you on the type of storage you need for the items you have. It is important you choose the correct facility so don’t hesitate the ask as many questions as you need to feel that you have made the right decision.

Location, Location Location… – It goes without saying that you should choose a storage facility that is easily accessible, with parking. You may be able to find a facility that is cheaper but if it is miles away from your house or extremely difficult to get to during certain times, then it might be worth considering other options.

In the local area, we recommend The Storage Works and The Self Storage Warehouse. “The Self Storage Warehouse” caters for storage units in Preston and The Storage Works has storage units in Blackburn.

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